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Diffraction is a physical phenomenon in which waves bend around obstacles, resulting in a spreading out of their energy. This same phenomenon can be applied to coaching and consulting by conceptualizing the client's situation as an obstacle obstructing the path of the desired outcome. Through the use of diffraction, I can help clients to identify and work through the blockages preventing them from achieving their goals by examining the various ways in which they are being reflected off the obstacle. I work with my clients to create strategies that will enable them to move past the obstacle and reach the desired outcome. Through this process, clients can gain greater insight into their situations and develop new perspectives that support their success.

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Laci Fair is a highly experienced financial and operations professional. She has over 18 years’ experience in different facets of business creating innovative strategies for increased efficiency and cost savings. Prior to becoming a Coach-sultant, Laci Fair served as Chief of Operations and Finance for a fortune 500 company. In her role, she was responsible for overseeing the financial performance, human resources, operations and process improvements. She successfully developed new strategies to reduce costs and improve customer service while maintaining an appropriate balance between corporate profitability and customer satisfaction. In her current role as a Coach and Consultant, Laci Fair applies the same skills she developed in her previous roles, providing clients with tailored services and advice on how to maximize their operations and financial performance. She is also well-versed in data analysis and research, helping organizations to make informed decisions about their operational and financial direction. Laci Fair is committed to delivering the best results for her clients and helping them to succeed in their chosen field. Her extensive financial and operational experience is invaluable to any organization seeking to improve their performance and achieve success.

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Throughout my career, I’ve gained an understanding of how to work with people of all skill levels and learning styles. My personalized Coach-sulting, along with my passion to teach others, have proven successful with a wide variety of clients. Interested in how I can help you? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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I coach executives, mid-level managers and CEOs through a unique and balanced approach that considers both personal and professional aspects of their lives. My integrated approach includes the individual's professional goals, personal passions, core values, relationships, lifestyle and health. My approach is tailored to each individual’s specific needs, with the end result being an overall improved sense of wellbeing and greater success. I utilize a number of different approaches ranging from traditional coaching such as goal setting, performance review and value clarification to more holistic approaches such as spiritual practices and meditation. Together, we identify areas to work on and create personalized action plans with achievable goals and measurable results. My goal is always to create lasting change and a renewed sense of enthusiasm for life and work.


I specialize in consulting with small businesses (less than 50 employees) to help them optimize their operations and improve the management of their Human Resources. My unique skillsets are used to identify and develop strategies to create effective and efficient systems and processes. In addition, I have extensive experience designing and implementing policies and procedures, and I'm able to provide guidance on recruitment and retention, employee relations, and HR compliance. I strive to help every business I work with to create a healthy and productive environment for their staff, while helping them reach their company goals.

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Guaranteed Success with Coach-sulting

The combined approach of coaching and consulting helps executives both personally and professionally by providing them with the guidance, support, accountability, and feedback needed to develop their skills, resolve conflicts, and make decisions. Coaching provides the executive with a safe space outside of the workplace to explore goals, think strategically, build confidence and gain clarity on how to best move forward. Consulting provides the executive with an expert opinion and strategies on how to best achieve personal and professional success. By providing both approaches, executives can better identify and define their goals, create a plan of action, and understand what resources are available to them. This holistic approach helps executives to effectively manage change, stay focused and motivated, and build self-awareness and resilience.

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