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Our Shadow

We all have a dark side – that part of us that we don’t want to acknowledge. The truth is, this part of ourselves is just as important as any other part of us, and it contains valuable insight into our true nature. This dark part of you is known as your shadow self.

Your shadow self holds all of the suppressed aspects of your personality that you would rather not confront. This could include characteristics such as anger, jealousy, shame, guilt, and fear. It can even contain repressed emotions and traits that you don’t even realize are there. Negative, unproductive, or “darker” traits and tendencies live in your shadow self.

The idea of a shadow self has been around for centuries, described in various forms throughout many cultures. Carl Jung referred to the shadow self as an unconscious part of the psyche that is made up of the repressed aspects of our personalities. By understanding your shadow self and its contents, you can gain a greater understanding of yourself and what pushes your buttons.

You cannot ignore your shadow self, as it will always be present and will continue to influence your actions and decisions. The key is to learn to embrace your shadow and make peace with it so that it does not limit your growth. As uncomfortable as it may be, you must accept your shadow in order to truly understand yourself.

If you want to set yourself free, start by exploring your shadow. Make an effort to become aware of your shadows and the motivations behind your behavior. Understand why certain patterns or habits exist and try to discover how to let go of them and live your life with more freedom. Learning about your shadow self can be extremely liberating, as it allows you to release the grip of the past and move forward.

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